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Winter Haven Attorney - Criminal Matters

When in contact with Law Enforcement please advise them that your lawyer has told you not to talk to anyone about your case, respond to allegations, not to answer questions, and not to reply to accusations. You should stop talking immediately whether read Miranda or not, and call the Law Offices of Brandon J. Rafool immediately at 863-299-3339. Additionally, if Law Enforcement wants to ask you questions, search you, search your property, or perform any tests, lineups, or any other identification procedures do not agree without speaking to an attorney. Do not waive any constitutional rights. If you are not under arrest, tell Law Enforcement you want to leave and leave. If Law Enforcement will not tell you that you can leave, peaceably try to leave. If they detain you quick talking, it only makes your situation worse.

Winter Haven Attorney - Transactional Matters

Whether it is a real estate deal, contract deal, formation of a corporation or Limited Liability Company, it is always best to have legal representation. It is best to know the law and your options prior to signing any contracts or doing any business deals, so please contact the Law Offices of Brandon J. Rafool immediately at 863-299-3339.

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